Breaking News: Montgomery Police Officer Hurt - Montgomery Alabama news.

Breaking News: Montgomery Police Officer Hurt

Montgomery police say Officer C.D. Caldwell is recovering at Jackson Hospital after police say a robbery suspect intentionally hit her patrol car.

Police say it all started at 7:12 p.m. Thursday when officers were called to the Atlanta Highway location of ICBY. Police say employees told them that a man walked in, asked for lime sherbet, then pulled out a large hunting knife and demanded money.

Employees gave police a description of the suspect and the champagne colored car he was riding in. Officers found the car on Federal Drive near Sumter Avenue. Officers followed the car until the driver came to a dead end on Powell Lane.

That is when police say the suspect intentionally hit the police officer's vehicle. The crash caused moderate damage to the car, and it injured Officer C.D. Caldwell.  Police say Officer Caldwell complained of her chest hurting and was taken to Jackson Hospital. WSFA 12 was told her injuries are not life threatening.

Late Thursday night, police confirmed for WSFA 12 news that the suspect, 51 year old, Thomas Veitch, was arrested. Police say Veitch has admitted to the robbery of Martha Rea Florist earlier Thursday morning.  Police say Veitch is charged with two counts of Robbery 1st degree and additional charges are expected because police say he intentionally hit the police vehicle.  

At this point, Montgomery police are withholding Veitch's picture from the media pending a photographic line-up.


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