Beth Chapman Republican Candidate for Secretary of State

Beth Chapman is emerging as a true political force in Alabama. She points to her 4 year track record as state auditor, "We've implemented 20% budget cuts and produced 96% perfect audits."

She says there is a primary reason why she wants to move from this office ....down the hall .... to this one, There is an office...the office of secretary of state that I believe is in need of great repair."

She says there are several broken elements: government waste in spending, lawsuits costing the state money, and management, "It does not cost us one dime to treat people with kindness. I am very demanding of the work that I expect of people to do in this office, but I am also kind to those people."

Chapman says she will, (and does), work equally as hard as she expects others to work. But she also respects those who work for her. Other issues she considers important include voter i.d., tough laws forf voter fraud and frugality with taxpayer dollars.

Chapman adds, "And when you have an opportunity to purchase vehicles for your office, and you purchase a 38-thousand dollar luxury suv, when that could have purchased 3 ford Tauruses for the same price, that's an unwise business decision."

She says her office has purchased only used cars. She says she hopes her perspective as a mom, as a wife, and public servant can compliment each other for future generations.

Repoerter:  Ashley Anderson