Drayton Nabers Runs To Retain Chief Justice Role

Judicial philosophy for Drayton Nabers leans to the right. He is a conservative judge, "It means that judges are under the law. They don't make the law...they take the law that is given to them by the legislature and then they apply that law to the facts of the case."

On the other side, Nabors says an "activist judge" makes law, doesn't follow the legislature, but seeks to make policy. He says...a potential problem within our branches of government,  "It is the least dangerous branch if it is conservative. But judges have the last say. So if judges are going to make law, then they become the most dangerous branch ."

And while he says justices should not set policy, there are some matters pertaining to the court he wants to see changed and expanded. In addition to presiding over the supreme court, the chief justice is also responsible for administration of the court system in all 67 counties,  "And what we are doing with that system is making it more efficient and operate at a higher level of quality through technology."

He passionatly points to the use of electronic filing of court documents and says this is the wave of the future. Using a computer in other areas can cut man hours and save money,  "At the end of this year Alabama will be the leading state in this nation in the use of technology in it's court system."

He says he's not an experienced politician, but he's learned a lot from this campaign and he's met a lot of people. He admits there are some parts that are not pleasant, "My wife and I are strong partners. We talk about everything. And of course she doesn't like it when i am criticized. But that's a part of campaigning.

He says having a closeknit family helps him get through a campaign which has been publicly criticised, "Our campaign will always have ads that tell the truth ."

One ironic note .... He says his first employer, Justice Hugo Black was from Ashland Alabama .... As is his most recent ....Governor Bob Riley.

REPORTER:  Ashley Anderson