Sue Bell Cobb Makes Pitch For Chief Justice Seat

Late morning at the Cobb home. 10 year old Caitlin plays assistant chef to her mom in the cookie baking department. And dad, Bill, pops up now and then.

Faith and family mark the foundation for Sue Bell one time Alabama's youngest trial court judge, "I was a trial court judge for 13 and a half years. During that 13 and a half years the thing I am most proud is that i took special assignments and served as a circuit, district, juvenile and one time even probate judge."

She heard cases from anexation and criminal to custody.

13 years later and she was the first woman elected to the court of criminal appeals. She says there are 3 ingredients needed to make a good judge, "One they need to have a keen understanding of the law.  Two they need to have an abiding concern for people. And three they need to be able to see both sides of an issue."

On the downside, she quickley learned about safety when her house was firebombed in 1989, "It truly helped me appreciate the position of being a victim."

Cobb thinks another ingredient for a successful update in the court system is to get input from the counties and the peolple who work there....ideas for training and how to pay for it, "What are we doing right?  What are we doing wrong?  What are your biggest issues with us?

She would also like to see mandatory judicial education for judges.

As for the negativity in this race, she says "I've been at this for 25 years. That's plenty of a judicial career for them to dissect and try to pick or blame or criticize me for and they can't do it."

Cobb believes a healthy dose of experience plus a dash of vision and lot responisbility will make a recipe for successs.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson