New Flu Information

This venture by the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System seems to be well recieved by vets.
They can literally drive up, answer a couple of questions, show their card and get vaccinated against the flu.

Mary Marsh says, "Most of the time my sinuses are so bad, if I get a cold I don't know which is which, so it just helps eliminate that."

Faye Outsey is chief of the Patient & Prevention Health Education division, "We wanted to try and make sure everyone gets the shot. It's real important, especially now early as we can."

State health officals say events like this one and those at your corner supermarket or drug store all serve the same purpose and should be taken advantage of. Dr. Charles Woernle is the assistant state public health officer, "Those vaccines, regardless of where a person gets them, whether they're at a grocery store or their local pharmacy or their local doctor or health department, they're all viewed as equivalent and equal in potency and safety."

Although in limited supply now, Wornle says some state ordered vaccine has already arrived.

He says, "The southern corner of Alabama which includes some of the counties in channel 12 listening area...uh have received vaccines, so those counties will be revving up their clinics to provide vaccines."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson