Baxley: Riley continuing use of no bid contracts

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Republican Governor Bob Riley and Democratic challenger Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley are continuing to spar over the use of no-bid state contracts.

Baxley showed up today at the start of a meeting of a legislative committee that reviewed 81 contracts totaling more that 41 million dollars that had not been through the official state process for seeking bids.

The list of contracts included an 18 million dollar computer contract for the state Department of Human Resources.

Baxley said at a news conferenct that the contracts show that Riley did not tell the truth when he promised four years ago to cut out all no-bid contracts.

Riley's campaign shot back that many of the contracts reviewed Thursday were for agencies not controlled by Riley and included one contract for the Department of Agriculture and Industries with a company that employs Baxley's husband, Jim Smith.

Courtesy: Associated Press