Troopers get $2.5 million in equipment to boost enforcement

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Alabama state troopers are getting two-point-five million dollars in specialized computer gear and facilities to combat illegal immigration.

The federal assistance was announced by Governor Bob Riley and comes from the U-S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The equipment includes laptop computers to allow troopers to scan fingerprints and transmit the information remotely.

ICE also will purchase integrated computers so troopers can process illegal aliens into the federal system.

The gear, which also includes digital cameras, will be placed at 19 different areas throughout the state.

Two booking facilities will also be provided.

To date, 60 state troopers have completed specialized federal training in Anniston.

They've arrested more than 200 illegal aliens across the state since the initiative went into effect into 2003.

Courtesy: Associated Press