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Mother says her son was on drugs when he raped her

A Valley mom who was allegedly raped by her own son is speaking out, but it's in her son's defense.

According to police and the mother, who will remain unnamed and unseen, it happened in Albertville on October 21st.

19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr., was charged with the strong-arm rape of his mother.

"It was all really a shock. It was done and over with before I really even realized it to be honest with you," said the mother.

Helms' mother says she doesn't blame her son, she blames the drugs he had allegedly been high on for two days.

"He was on ice, he was on crystal meth and he was on ecstasy, that's not counting the liquor he was drinking, the pain pills he was popping," said the mother.

The mother says she hasn't been allowed to talk to Helms, who is still in the Marshall County Jail on $100,000 bond, but she says he gave a message to other family members.

"He asked them to tell me, he said 'please tell momma I love her and I am so sorry.' He doesn't remember it," said the mother.

Helms' mother says she forgives her son.

"Gary Dean's not a mean person." 

She says without the drugs, none of this would have happened.

"No, Gary would have never touched me, hit me, hurt me or anything. He's always protected me. He's my youngest son and he's always took up for me, no matter what. That boy has stood beside me. So, if he wouldn't have been on drugs, he would've never laid his hands on me," said the mother.


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