Baxley and Riley on the Issues

Here are the positions of Republican Gov. Bob Riley and Democratic Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley on some of the issues in the race for governor:

  • Riley: Says he opposes abortion and would support a ban on abortions like South Dakota Legislature has put on that state's Nov. 7 ballot.
  • Baxley: Says she has no plans to propose any bill involving abortion that is not already law in Alabama.
  • Riley: Proposes a $500 million bond issue for school construction projects and bonus pay for top-performing teachers.
  • Baxley: Advocates new initiatives to improve classroom discipline, including zero tolerance for guns and drugs and additional training in classroom management and discipline.
  • Riley: Says he will try again to pass legislation requiring lobbyists to report every dime they spend entertaining public officials. Advocates a law banning "pass-through pork" projects that legislators hide in the state budgets.
  • Baxley: Says she will create a Cabinet-level post of inspector general to identify and eliminate waste and fraud in state contracts.
  • Riley: Opposes a state lottery and says he will not negotiate a compact with the Poarch Creek Indians that would allow them to add new types of gambling in return for providing money to the state. Says he will try again to pass legislation banning electronic "sweepstakes" machines first introduced at the Birmingham dog track and now found at many locations.
  • Baxley: Says she would not advocate a state lottery, but says that if the Legislature approves one, she will make sure its operations "are totally clean." Says she's not interested in negotiating a gambling compact with the Creek Indians to allow any more gambling than now exists.
  • Riley: Advocates training more state troopers so they can arrest illegal immigrants. Says companies should prove they do not knowingly hire illegal immigrants before they can receive state grants and tax breaks for new or expanding industries.
  • Baxley: Advocates felony punishment for employers who keep hiring illegal immigrants. Says companies should prove they do not knowingly hire illegal immigrants before the can get state economic incentives for new or expanding industries.
  • Riley: Says raising the minimum wage should be left to Congress.
  • Baxley: Advocates Alabama enacting a minimum wage that is $1 an hour higher than the federal mandate of $5.15 per hour.
  • Riley: Says he would sign legislation to end annual property reappraisals that were begun by his administration.
  • Baxley: Says her first order of business would be ordering an end to the annual property reappraisals.
  • Riley: Advocates another state income tax cut for families by raising the tax threshold and allowing more for personal exemptions, dependent exemptions and standard deductions. Proposes exempting the first $10,000 of all currently taxable retirement income for Alabama' seniors. Advocates removing the state sales tax from over-the-counter medication.
  • Baxley: Advocates removing the state sales tax from groceries and says she will not propose new taxes.

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