Montgomery Board of Education Names Top Two Superintendent Candidates

It was unanimous. Every board member picked John Dilworth and Harold Dodge as their top two candidates. They are not only the top picks for board members, but also the community. Principals, teachers, parents and community leaders who interviewed the candidates all agree. Chairman Dave Borden says, It is a relief that if we make a mistake, we all make it together."

John Dilworth, Vice President at Louisiana's Northwestern State University has more than 25 years in public education. "John Dilworth, first of all, has passion.  He has a passion for each child," said board member Tommie Miller.

Harold Dodge , a former elementary, middle and high school principal, is Mobile County's Superintendent. "There is no questions about him having the skills, ability, experience, and academic training to be a good superintendent," said board member Henry Spears.

Now the board must choose one. Members say it won't be easy.  Borden says, "There is still a lot of work to be done."

In the next week, the board and other Montgomerians will visit Dodge and Dilworth's hometowns for further interviews.

Late Monday, an attorney general's opinion cleared the way for the board to release ex-Superintendent Carlinda Purcell's controversial job evaluation which she wanted kept secret. Chairman Dave Borden says, if the attorney general says it is public record, it will be released and soon.