State Superintendent Reacts to Amendment 2's Passage

Voters Tuesday passed Amendment Two,which requires all school systems in the state to collect at least ten mills of property tax.

In Montgomery, second graders in Mrs. Miller's class at Flowers Elementary School learn science by song. They probably don't know their educational future just got brighter.

State Superintendent Joe Morton says Montgomery County, "will be the largest beneficiary."

Morton says voters got it right when they passed Amendment Two.

He says, "It made me so proud to see the state as a whole step up and support those who truly need the help."

30 school systems across the state will get that help. 101 won't see a tax increase. They already collect at least ten mills.

Morton says Amendment Two requires each system to give its fair share.

He adds, "The students and teachers in those 30 school systems now have financial security for their future."

Morton says administrators in the affected systems are now optimistic and looking forward to a new chapter for Alabama schools.

He says, "It's a really fine day for public education."

Remember, Amendment Two affects each system different. If you have a $100,000 home, it raises your property tax $10 for each mill less than ten.

Right now, Montgomery collects seven mills - three mills less than ten - so that would mean a $30 increase on a $100,000 dollar home. If you do the math, that's just eight cents a day.

Reporter: Sally Pitts