One Day After The Election; What Happens To Campaign Signs?

On the back side of the Montgomery city lot sits two trailers full of political signs, signs that represented the hopes and dreams of politicians. Some won, some lost. Jeff Downes doesn't care.

"We have to concentrate on keeping our city clean," said Downes who is the Executive Assitant to Mayor Bobby Bright.

Downes says city road crews spend part of their time sweeping up campaign placards that were placed illegally on city right-of-ways. One sanitation worker told us that he alone picked up 300 signs today, a number that doesn't surprise city hall. 'Tis the season.

Eventually all of these signs will make their home in the city dump. That is if the candidates choose not to go down to the city lot and pay a dollar to get their sign back. Nothing political about that, according to Downes.. just the price of cleaning up.

By the comparison state highway crews have collected thousands of campaign signs and unlike Montgomery, those signs are immediately thrown away.