Supreme Court tosses out suit over Auburn trustees

The Alabama Supreme Court has blocked a lawsuit over the length of Auburn University trustee terms.

The court says trustee Dwight Carlisle didn't have legal standing to file the suit and it must be dismissed. The ruling went in favor of Auburn President Ed Richardson and other trustees, including Governor Riley.

A spokesman for Auburn says the university is pleased the time-consuming issue is behind it. Carlisle filed suit after Attorney General Troy King issued an advisory opinion declaring that trustees' new terms begin when their selections are approved by the state Senate, not when their previous terms end.

That meant the term of trustee Charles Ball of Gadsden legally ended in 2005. King's opinion also meant the terms of several other trustees, including Montgomery banker Bobby Lowder, would be longer than previously thought. Lowder's term was extended four years, from 2007 to 2011.

Carlisle's attorney, Robert Huffaker, says he's disappointed with the ruling because the court did not address the main issue of when the trustees' terms end.

Courtesy: Alabama Associated Press