Covering West Alabama: Close Call For Selma Police Chief Jimmy Martin

A shocker at the Minter Terrace Apartments in Selma.

"I heard what sounded like a thrashing around in that apartment," said Joann Fulford.

Selma Police say 22-year old Michael Hunter and a 16-year old juvenile broke into Chief Jimmy Martin's home. In addition to being chief, Martin serves as an on-site manager for the apartments and the 'offce' apartment is his home in town.

"I just wish they would do more to prevent these break-ins," said Bobby Tucker.

The two suspects reportedly told investigators they urinated and defecated on floor in Martin's apartment and waited for the chief with a sawed-off shot-gun. Still unclear as of this writing what the motive was. Chief Martin says he doesn't know but Fulford has an idea.

"I think they were looking for money," she said.

To top it off Fulford says Hunter lived next door to the chief and the teenager lived next door to her.

"I can't believe someone who would do that lived next door to me," Fulford said.

Chief Martin says he has no choice but to live in a hotel until his apartment is cleaned out. In the meantime, it's back to work at the Selma Police Department first thing Monday morning.

The story on the alleged plot to kill the chief may not be over. Investigators say they could end up arresting a few more people in the case.

No decision yet but there's talk of getting the FBI involved because of the alleged plot. For now Hunter and the teenage-suspect are still in jail. Bond for Hunter has been set at $90,000.