Controversial Land Deal In Selma

Selma Mayor James Perkins wants to plow what he considers fertile economic ground behind what used to be the old Wal-Mart. The cost? A million dollars.

"This would include maybe a cemetery, a public park and we might sell parcels of land to developers to build houses," said Perkins.

It's a bad idea if you ask Gene Hisel. He lost his bid to become mayor in the last city election but Hisel insists this has nothing to do with losing but everything to do with politics.

"The problem is the land is being bought by the largest contributor in the last election," said Hisel.

Non-sense, according to Mayor Perkins. He bristled at the notion that this is a political favor.  Records show that Larry Striplin owns the land which consists of about 110 acres.

"I just think this would be a good opportunity for the city," said Perkins.

Mayor Perkins says the city can afford it, the bank is ready to loan the money but not everybody's on board with it yet. One lady believes the money would be spent on "doing something" about the homeless in Selma. She declined to give her name.

In addition to some of the citizens being against the proposed land deal, the mayor conceded going into tonight's city council meeting that he didn't have the majority vote.

Still, Perkins refuses to give up. He says he'll try again, even if it means explaining it all over again from the ground up.