Does It Work - November 27th

Our "Does it Work" guy David Hagood is at it again.  On Tuesday, David tried out a product that says it will make moving heavy furniture child's play.   It's another "As seen on TV" item, and the "Moving Men" box says it's the easiest way to move furniture.

This product could make life easier for anyone who moves furniture, espically for those who are older.   So we took our "Does it Work" report on the road to the Montgomery Area Council on Aging, or MACOA's Archibald Center.

That's where we met Eva Rider. She said that most of the furniture around the office is just too heavy to move but with the help of "Moving Men" that could all change. We decided to try it out on an armoir first.

The directions say that when moving heavy objects you should have assistance.  So as I lift the end, Eva slides the "Moving Men" under the four corners.

The next step is the easy part.  According to the box, you just slide the piece of furniture wherever you like.  The next object, Eva says, she can do by herself.  So she lifts the corners, places the large "Moving Men" under each leg and  the product works just as is it did before.

Now, what about something bigger, like a sofa.  We all like to do a little rearranging every now and then and most know just how heavy a couch can be. But with the help of "Moving Men" it's no problem.  Even going up a slight incline is no match for Eva and me.

The pack of "Moving Men" does come with the four giant sliders like we've been testing.  But it also comes with two mini-sliders, for something a little smaller, like a chair.   Eva loads a chair on the sliders, gives it a tug, and it works just like the package says!

David found the "Moving Men" product at the Wal-Mart supercenter for around $10.00

If you have a product that you want David to test out, e-mail him at