Does it Work - November 29th

All women know how frustrating re-applying lipstick several times a day can be. Some products claim they're long lasting, non-smearing, and even waterproof . But not all of them really work. In Thursday's "Does it Work" David Hagood tries out something new "Lip Sense."

I can't say that I know from personal experience, but I've heard that it's a problem for some women. Your lipstick will not stay on and you have to re-apply it time after time. If this is a problem for you, Vicki Clark thinks that she may have the answer. It's called "Lip Sense" and everyone's reaction to the product is the same. "Wow, it really does stay on!"

It's a lip color that is waterproof, smear proof, and kiss proof. And its claim is that it will stay on until you take it off! So we put it to the test with Vicki walking us through the application process.

"I like to line my lips so I have a little applicator that I use initially just to line my lips and then do the color. You use the applicator that comes with it. You just do one stroke across the bottom and one stroke across the top. You hold your lips open; you can't close them like you would with normal lipstick," says Vicki Clark, a "Lip Sense" distributor.

Vicki continues, "You let that dry. It takes about 5 or 10 seconds. You do that three times. The three times is for the long lasting effect. Then you put the gloss on. Once you put the gloss on you can rub your lips together and you're set to go."

Since there is that claim that it's smear proof, Vicki dares our lip model to try and smear it by kissing her hand. She tries but the "Lip Sense" is on for good.

Next we tried to see if it would come off when kissing a piece of glass. But it even stayed on while one of our lip models sipped on a drink. The "Lip Sense" will stay on for several hours and one bottle of lip color should last you for at least three months. That's enough to earn our stamp of approval.

Now if you would like to find out more information on the "Lip Sense" product you can check out Vicki's web site

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