Canine Hero

In the last 24 hours, 32 year old Jessie Bell's life, has been turned upside down.  Fire swept through her home while she was at work and by the time she got home, it was all gone. Her nephews had been asleep inside, but it wasn't a rescue worker that saved them, it was a member of the family who saw the flames before anybody else did.

Two years ago, "Bear" came to live with Jessie Bell and her family. "My sister gave him to me because I was here by myself and she wanted something here to protect me and the kids." This Shepherd-Chow mix might look like an ordinary dog. But to Jessie, he's extraordinary. I wouldn't trade him for nothing."  Jessie tells what it was like walking towards her house. "I just seen a bunch of firemen out here you know, smoke and I started crying. There goes everything. My kids pictures. It was like a ton of bricks had hit me." Fire started in the kitchen and quickly spread. Jessie's nephew D.J. and his brother were upstairs asleep until Bear woke them up barking. The fire started from a faulty breaker box. Damage was extensive. But think about how much worse it could have been, if not for Bear.  D.J believes he was a life saver."If it wasn't for him we probably would have died that night."

If you would like to help Jessie and her family get back on their feet. Donations are being taken at City Hall in New Brockton. For now the family is living with relatives until they can find another house.