Storms Destroy Businesses and Take a Toll Throughout Central Alabama

FunZone Damage/By Viewer Brian Blanks taken around 1130 a.m.
FunZone Damage/By Viewer Brian Blanks taken around 1130 a.m.

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MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 15, 2006 -- Major storms came through Montgomery Wednesday and caused major damage to businesses and homes in the area.  So far there are only reports of minor injuries to people.

Mayor Bobby Bright says there were 31 children and 4 workers in the Fun Zone building near the main post office this morning when the storms roared through the area and destroyed the Fun Zone building, which houses a learning center during the day.

A couple of workers and children were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  The mayor asks people not to travel to that area of the Atlanta Highway.

Cars were overturned in the area and the U.S. Post Office on on Winton Blount Boulevard was heavily damaged, according to a WSFA Viewer. According to a viewer report "portions of the roof were blown off, cars and trucks were turned over, cars and trucks windows were blown out, lobby area windows were blown out. No employees are reported as being injured, however, a few customers were injured in the lobby and parking area. Many employees were sent home due to machines and equipment being destroyed by the rain."

Saddleback Ridge Apartments suffered major damage.  At Saddleback Ridge there is a building with half of a top floor missing.  WSFA Executive Producer Desmond Wingard says many apartments are gone.  He says there is a vet clinic in the area where people are trying to pick up their animals.  Houses in the area suffered roof damage and we now have reports of damage in the Fox Hollow subdivision.

People who reside in Saddleback Ridge Apartments are asked to evacuate their apartments.  Help is available at Frazer United Methodist Church on the Atlanta Highway.

There are also reports of significant damage in Taylor Crossing subdivision.

People who may be missing animals in the area of the damage are asked to go to the Montgomery Humane Society to pick them up.  Do not call the shelter.  Animal Control has been rounding up as many animals as possible to ensure their safety.

People in the Hamilton Crossroads community have been hit hard by the storms.  They have lost their water tower and fire department among other things.  WSFA photojournalist Doug Gooden reports, "It looks like a war zone."  Pike County Sheriff Thomas says they hope to tie in to an older line to get water back to the community at some point.  Thomas says there were no fatalities or major injuries.  He says at one business that was destroyed, everyone had just left the building prior to the building being destroyed.  Electricity is out in the area.  One woman told Gooden that "it all happened at once..and then went silent."  Trees are down everywhere.

From a viewer in the Troy area we have the following information:  "I was stuck in a tornado position for at least one hour. I know of a few trees down, and many overflowing streams. One fairway of the Troy State golf course was almost under water. The stream across the street was almost over flowing. This is the stream next to Charles Henderson Middle School. The majority of Troy was fine."

There were earlier reports from state troopers that there may have been a possible tornado touchdown in Pine Level.  There is another report of a possible tornado touchdown in Elba.

WSFA viewer Brandon Self calls in a report concerning possible damage from storms near Pintlala Elementary School.  Brandon says  a clear path of trees is down behind the school.  He reports everyone is okay but power is out and when the storm came through students and teachers heard something that sounded like a freight train.  This is off Highway 31.

There are also reports of a tree possibly down on a house in the same area.

There are reports of power lines down near Mosely's Grocery on Highway 31.

County Commissioner Reed Ingram says Hwy 31 in Pintlala is closed, emergency vehicles are in the area and he asks for people to stay of the highway.  He says NO ONE has been injured.  Some barns in the area have been destroyed.