The "Day After" Shopping In Union Springs

The traffic....

The noise....

The lines and crowds.

The day after Thanksgiving begins a big shopping season...and stores like these big retailers flourish. But what about stores isn small towns? Here in Union Springs, they also seem to prosper.

Art Hancock is the manager at Gibson's.  He says,  "We've had a lot of customers in today. More than what we thought we would have had today."

Customers we talked with say they prefer that small town touch.

Those like Mildred Rogers say you can't beat it, "Well it's not as crowded for one thing, like in the larger cities." "I think Union Springs is more relaxed. Comming in here the people are just so nice and helpful."

Bruce Twilley agrees, "I've been comming down here and dealing with these people and they really do they help you out and just about any thing you need they have it here."

And the primary item you can find? ...Helpful hospitality.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson