Disabled Hunters Break Down Barriers

14 year old Colt Holloway is an avid outdoorsman.

Last year he was accidently shot when he and a friend were looking at a gun. Although in a wheelchair, a special rigging allows him to return to a sport he loves.

He says this is the second time he hunted, "I couldn't get on a deer the first time."

But Colt is hoping to make up for lost time, and what about points?,

He says, "...above six."

Lofty goals for this young man who is also spending time bonding with dad, David who says, "It's just a wonderful feeling, to get him back in the woods, hunting again. Ever since his accident it's just uh.... I can't explain it. It's just a joy to get back in the woods again."

Here both of them find others in similar situations.

Just ask the hunting guru, Kurt Thomas, "It's more than about 'bagging a deer'. That's the least most important thing that we do. It's the fellowship. It's the comradary of it. It's the self esteem building, the confidence building...and just able to get these kids and the adults back in the outdoors so maybe they feel whole again."

Thomas relates to these hunters. Several years ago a tree fell on him while he was hunting. The freak accident left him wanting not only more for himself, but others like Colt.

Thomas adds, "Wheelin' Sportsman has been in exhistance for more than 10 years. It was actually founded in alabama, and then we merged with the national wild turkey federation and it's just gotten bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and now we're doing events all over the country."

Each participant is paired with an ablebodied hunter for safety.

For hunters like Colt, it's a ray of sunshine as he breaks through boundaries.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson.