For Sunday, December 2, 2001

Sunday, December 2, 2001

Jeremiah 33:14-16

At that time I will bring to the throne the true Son (Christ) of David, and he shall rule justly.

As we begin this joyous Advent season, how comforting the words of Jeremiah are for our world today. Because Advent means an arrival, God gives hope, love, and justice to our world through the birth of Jesus.

The traditional Advent wreath, with encircling greenery and opposing four candles that focus on the center Christ candle, helps us prayerfully await the birth of the holy child as we light a candle each Sunday. While each of the candles gives us light, may the light of God's love glow in our hearts during this holy season and throughout the world.

During this Advent season, God's love and light are evident to us as He fulfilled His promise to Jeremiah by bringing us the Christ child. May hope, love, and justice become a part of our lives.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for fulfilling Your promise to Jeremiah. Help us to await prayerfully the birth of the baby Jesus during this Advent season. Amen.

Anne Searcy