Self-Walking Dog: If You Want Something Done -- Do It Yourself

SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Dec. 4, 2006 --  If you want something done, do it yourself.  This rule of thumb applies to almost all of us. But what about our pets?

As reporter Melissa Lanzourakis found out, it's every canine for himself.
"Come on boy, you're doing good."

Meet Jack Ralph. He's the dark-haired one on the left. Jack's no ordinary dog. When he wants something done he's a take-charge kind-of guy. This dog walks himself.
"People just tell us all the time, ooo.. that's so cute you know. I've never seen that. I don't really do it to get attention you know. It's just handy and he's a little bit of a show off and likes to prance around with his leash in his mouth," said dog owner Brad Ralph.

You see, this 11-year old lab is a self-motivator a real get-r-done kind of dog. And when he goes for a walk he's the one who carries the leash.
"It just kind of became a novelty you know it's a lot nicer if you don't' have to carry the leash. You kind of just do your own thing." "Make him to the work?" Ralph says, "...right," said Ralph.

But to this friendly four-legged dog, it's really no work at all. He's been carrying his own leash since he was a puppy.
"Now Jack is one of the most well-mannered dogs you'll ever meet, but one thing you don't want to do is take away his leash."
He barks when he wants his leash, but he's also a law-abiding dog. The city ordinance says all pets must be on a leash.
"So far we haven't been cited. I don't know how that would hold up in court, but he is technically on a leash," Ralph said

So next time you go to walk your dog remember Jack's no dog that'll wait around for you. He's a dog gone.

Jack and his owner Brad go for a walk for about 3 miles each day.