I am a Thief

ALBANY, Georgia, Dec. 8, 2006 --  It's a sight you certainly don't see every day.  An Albany woman was forced to walk the streets announcing her crime to the world.

23-year-old Breanna Klewitz spent two hours walking in front of the Dougherty County courthouse wearing a sign that read, "I am a thief.   I stole what you worked for."

Chief Superior Court Judge Loring Gray sentenced her to a total of eight hours of public humiliation.  In June, Klewitz took part in a burglary at a fast-food restaurant where she worked.

Instead of sending the first offender to jail or forcing her to pay a big fine, Judge Gray ordered that she do the embarrassing -- admit her guilt publicly.

"It's a very humbling experience, the humiliation of people.   Again, people are averting their eyes, trying to change the direction they're walking so they don't have to look at me. I'm viewed as a criminal not so much a person anymore," says Breanna Klewitz.

Judge Gray says, "If I had considered sending her to jail, she'd be sitting out there and nobody would know her.   She would be eating at the taxpayer's expense.   There wasn't any point to sending her to jail."

Klewitz had two accomplices. Judge Gray sentenced Jerry Brantley to three years in prison; but  19-year-old Trevor Moore will have to perform the same walk of shame as Klewitz.