Teen Drives Vehicle Through Florida Mall

You may have already seen the dramatic damage caused by a Florida teenager who drove his car through the doors of a mall department store.

In a security tape from the mall, you can actually see events as they happen.

Similar to the move of a NASCAR driver, the troubled teenager just bumps the planter out of the way with his car.

Then its through double glass doors right down the hallway, knocking down a couple of signs. Then through the perfume kiosk then down over the rail crashing down to the first floor after bouncing off the side of the escalator.

It's remarkable that the car didn't end up on its roof. See the people come running up. Clearly there were mall employees and straggling customers still inside the mall.

The planters certainly didn't stop the car and the double glass doors no match for it as it rolled right down the hallway.

As to why the mall is considering changing that planter barrier out front? It's at the suggestion of the Altamonte Spring Police. And of course that perfume kiosk, cabloyee as the car hit it. And that glass barrier in the atrium looks nice but its certainly not going to stop an automobile.

As it comes down from the second floor to the first floor, it glances off the escalator and almost falls on its roof.

There would have been much more serious injuries if the car had fall on its roof but it hit it at just the right angle to rollover on its roof which probably saved this young troubled teenager's life.

He has been taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation because he said he did this intentionally trying to harm himself.

Courtesy WESH TV and NBC News Channel