Fighting the Flu: Tips for Parents

Tammy Kendrick is 7 year old Jacob's mom.  She says, "For about a week now he's been running like a low grade fever and a little bit of a cough and runny nose, but he's been playing pretty good."

Then things got worse.

Tammy adds, "In the last few days he's just went to laying around the house and the fever went up really high and his ears started hurting and he started feeling really achy all over."

Now 7 year old Jacob Kendrick was so miserable he had to see the doctor.

A check up confirms he has the flu. So what can you do to protect your family?

Dr. James W. Rabon is Jacob's pediatrician, "In order to get contaminated with the virus you have to touch your eyes, your hand or your mouth. So every doorknob you touch every shopping cart you contaminate your hands with the virus."

One of the best pieces of advice for parents is to teach your child to wash their hands and wash them often. Also, make sure you buy one of these little hand sanitizers that they can put in their pocket"

Dr. Rabon adds, "I think they work if you can remember to use them when you touch an object that's been touched by a lot of other people."

And if you or your child does get the flu, antivirals and now tamiflu can be given to young children.

Reporter: Ashley Anderson