Brent Springford, Junior Indicted For Murder

WSFA 12 news has confirmed the Montgomery County Grand Jury has indicted Winston Brent Springford Junior for the murder of his parents in 2004.

Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall says deputies served Springford with the four count indictment late Wednesday afternoon.

That indictment includes four counts against Springford. They include:

One count capital murder for the death of his father Winston Brent Springford Senior.

One count capital murder for the death of his mother, Charlotte Springford.

One count capital murder for the deaths of two or more people.

And finally, one count capital murder during the commission of a burglary.

Springford is accused of killing his parents during the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2004. Investigators have said both people were beaten to death inside their Hull Street home.

More than two years have now passed since Montgomery Police went to Colorado to arrest the younger Springford.

In recent interviews, the Montgomery County District Attorney's office said the state forensic lab had completed the necessary DNA testing to go ahead with case - but was waiting for the crime lab to sign off on a report.

Jay Lewis is one of Springford's two attorneys in this case.

Lewis told WSFA 12 News and that the indictment is not unexpected, and that his initial reading on the charges is that they are consistent with the legal definitions of the facts as they were presented by prosecutors and investigators in the last two years.

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