Students Learning About Investments

What's the best way to acquire wealth and a secure future? Even though students at Jeff Davis High School may not know the answer now, that could be about to change. The school has set up an investment club. Bonnie Shanks, sponsor of the club says, "what we hope to do is at least introduce them to the stock market, to mutual funds, to real estate investing, CD's, the common instruments of investing."

The introduction to investing is the idea of Sam Adams. For each of the next ten years, he'll donate $2,500 for the club to invest. The only rules are ten percent of the returns have to be given to charity and the students have to make all of the investment decisions.

10th grader Tina massey is already bullish on some stocks. "Nike and Hormel. Nike because it goes up and a lot of people buy Nike, a lot of people are excited about Jordans and all the Nike shoes," she says.

Nobody knows if the club will rake in the bucks this year, but students expect to collect the dividends of knowledge, and learn how to handle personal finances for when they're adults. Club member Devin Massey says, "you learn from your experience, and this will be a fun experience to learn from, how to do different things in the future."

Investment clubs are also being set up at Lanier, Carver and Lee high schools. A local broker is offering to handle trades for the club at Jeff Davis without charging any commission.