For Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Psalm 126

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.

In the winter when I was ten, my Grandfather took me quail hunting in woods that seemed a world away from home. He and I ranged through the pink hued stands of brush that muffled the sounds of his prize bird dog, Lady. I stood beside him and watched as Lady worked a field in search of a covey of birds. My heartbeat quickened when I heard the rush of wings while Lady held her point, as Papa threw his shotgun to the air and took aim into the deep blue afternoon sky.

Just before dark, Papa told me to stay at edge of a rutted logging road while he walked to find Lady who had become lost in the dusk. As the day began to fade, tears of fright stung my cheeks for fear that he had left me there alone. When the beam of his flashlight touched my face and Lady nuzzled up beside me, I was filled with the joy of knowing that he had come back and that my bond of faith in him had not been broken. He pulled me close to him, and we walked together towards his truck and home.

Just as Papa did for me, the Lord does for us all. He gives us joy in knowing that His bond with us will never be broken, no matter how dark the night.

Prayer: Father, we are grateful to you for the light of your love. Our hearts fill with joy for the many great things you have done for us. And especially Lord, for your promise that you will always be with us, no matter where we may be in the journey of our lives. Amen.

Mark Kennedy