For Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Luke 21:25-26

There is no more exciting time of promise and innocence than when a new baby is expected in a home.

When we received the call that a baby boy was born and would be ours to adopt, we had not had much time to prepare. The night of that first call we raced to the store to buy diapers, formula, and others things for an infant's comfort. The sense of promise was astounding. Each item placed in the grocery basket fairly glowed with meaning – we were being given a child to love.

Sixteen years later, I can barely connect the warm, sweet-smelling bundle that soothed my heart with the prickly person I now guide. Though everyone with older children is full of helpful advice and reassurance for me, I know that my experience parenting a teenager is unique – and mine alone. Every day that I have faith to remain strong for him, I am strengthened.

The Christ child in the manger instills peace and confidence that the world may be redeemed – just through belief. But the second coming – the return of Christ with crashing waves, thunder and lightening – and destruction – is a harder form of belief, for me at least. Yet it is part of my Christian faith, and I endeavor to understand and accept it.

As it is true that sweet bundles become rambunctious teenagers (and later adults on their own!), the Christ child will return to us again to complete his mission. We must have faith. It is my hope that my faith will strengthen me to be ready when the second call comes.

Prayer: Father, help us know the full sense of your relationship with us as promised in the Christ child this Christmas.  Amen.

Jeanie Thompson