Montgomery Has A New Fire Chief

Montgomery mayor, Bobby Bright, says: "He's been very professional ever since i've known him... The 6 or 7 years i've been mayor. And I think he'll be a fine example of a fire chief. And he will be a chief that we will be very, very proud of."

That's a big compliment for new chief, Miford Jordan.

Jordan is a well known fixture with in the department. He got his start here at station 8 in July of 1985.  Jordan says, "Once I got on the job, I quickly learned that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my career."

Jordan is married with a grown daughter. That family raised in Montgomery. So there is a vested interest in his now hometown.

Jordan says,  "I don't want to have fires, because you know someone has lost a home or worse."

Jordan says they will continue to enforce national fire protection agency standards in homes, apartments and commercial buildings, "Educate our community on fire safety tips and that's going to make us a better firesafe city."

He says he likes it best when there are no fires to fight.