Tuskegee Man Dies in Gun Battle

At midnight this Tuskegee neighborhood said goodbye to Christmas... But about 30 minutes later things changed.

That early morning quiet was disrupted by an exchange of gunfire. Part of it coming from down this hill on Penny Street. They were shooting at people who were up here at this house on Ramsey."

Sgt. Robin Collins with the Tuskegee Police Department is working the case.  He says, "One of the neighbors I talked with said it sounded like a shootout was going on."

Rapid fire, according to police which left about 18 bullet casings in the street and about 13 at the house....which is riddled with bullet holes.

Collins adds it was a rapid fire type of gun, "We believe an ak 47, or something of that magnitude."

Big guns causing big damage....and leaving 20 year old Marcus Moss dead on arrival at an Opelika hospital.   His mother, Annie is distraught, "Marcus was a real bright person. He cared about people. He had a good heart."

A 16 year old friend, who doesn't want to be identified, says he was walking with Marcus when a dark 4 door sedan pulled up.  He says, "They just came shooting, and everybody running."

Marcus was home for the holidays.....holidays which will now never be the same for his mother.  Annie mourns the son she knew, "Marcus was a good child and never got in trouble."

Ironically this was the second shooting this family has had to deal with recently.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson