Tallassee Fire Marshal Says Formerly Closed Laundry Now Safe for Patrons

Tallassee, Ala., Dec. 29, 2006 --  Tallassee Fire Marshal Travis Jones says the Dexter Coin Laundry on Gilmer Avenue in Tallassee is now a safe environment for patrons.

The laundry was closed on Dec. 23, 2006 after the Tallassee Fire Department responded to a report of carbon monoxide poisoning at the business and found levels above permissible exposure limits.  According to the fire marshal, the business had also failed to installed monitors recommended from the first response two weeks prior that sent eight people to the local ER.

The business was given a STOP WORK ORDER by the Fire Marshal stating the business was to be closed of its normal operations until the source of the problem could be located and repaired.

Jones says the business owner contacted the fire marshal's office on Wednesday "stating his certified HVAC technician had located the source of CO from an improperly installed hot water heating unit and an improperly installed air conditioning unit that was dispersing the CO throughout the building."

The fire marshal says the business owner has replaced the faulty equipment and installed the proper monitors inside the business and an inspection by both the building inspector and fire marshal found the business safe for operation.