Inauguration Controversy

Just as Representative Mike Hubbard, as inaugural committee chairman, announces plans for a parade, swearing in, and inaugural ball, Representative Alvin Holmes issues a challenge to the governor, "I have made a request of Governor Riley to make at least 500 of those tickets available to the low income people of this state."

Representative Mike Hubbard says, "Well that sounds good, but the fact of the matter is that the riley inaugural committee is a nonprofit entity and we are just trying to break even."

Past ball's have been elegant, with designer gowns and beautiful people. And this year there's something different. The inaugural ball has traditionally been held at the civic center in the capital city. But because of the construction the even has been moved to Birmingham."

This year, members of the legislature will be given 2 free tickets each.  Holmes says he has plans for his, "The most poverty stricken couple in my district, that lives in the housing projects, and send them to Birmingham, to mingle with the Mountainbrook crowd up there."

Holmes says he will even pay for a hotel room, "With their white dinner jacket and black bow tie, and people with their after 5...they do not want to these poor people hanging around with them, looking at them.

Hubbard says there are events which are free and everyone is welcome, "I'm confident that the inaugural ceremony and the parade, which are the cornerstones of this historic inauguration are free to the public...anybody can be a part of it."

Going to the ball will still be a pipe dream for some, according to Holmes.

Reported by: Ashley Anderson