Montgomery Man Wants To Clear His Name

C.J. Williams does not want to be remembered in prison orange or handcuffs. A former eagle scout and AUM student body president he believes his reputation to be soiled. Although a jury found him not guilty of sexually molesting children he says that isn't enough, "I guess I want people out in the public, who didn't sit in the courtroom during the 5 days of the trial, and didn't hear all of the evidence and may have just gotten their information from media sources to know that what they may have seen on TV or read in the newspaper is not all the evidence that came out."

He says that evidence is why he is a free man today. But now he is working hard to polish a tarnished image, "I still am worried about my reputation because, like I said, there are people out there who knew me and some who didn't know me who just had seen and read what was being reported."

This building is no longer home to kids first. Another business has moved in and they have moved on.....and that's what Williams wants to do with his to move on.

Part of that move is to get another day care license from DHR and go back to a business he loves, "I'm also exploring the possibility of reopening my center."

But he will always have one agency ready to testify before DHR, according to Jannah Bailey the executive director of Child Protect, "I guess I don't want to be a jury and I don't want to be a prosecutor or judge or anything in this case because we have professionals that do that. I will say that in this case I will always stand by these children who came in here and testified."

In talking with parents by phone, we found people who were very supportive of Williams and entrust him implicitly with their children.

Williams says he is weighing his options, and looking at various employment opportunities. And he says some day he might even want to go into politics.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson