Class Act Teacher has Taught More Than 30 Years

Maye Stubbs is a fixture at Floyd Middle Magnet School, she's been teaching here for 32 years, earning the admiration of students over the decades. 8th grader Kim Woodfin says, "I like her class because she's not all work, she talks and explains things and gives great explanations."

Students enjoy her creative lessons, like holding an Olympics-style competition to teach the metric system. 8th grader Shane Webb explains one of the events, "throw a cotton ball and we have to guess in centimeters or something like that how far it would go; and then we actually measure it to see how far it went."

Floyd principal David Sikes says, "we have team teachers, and she's paired with a relatively new teacher and she has pretty much guided him through and helped him along the way. And she really helps all of us, with her wisdom and her age and her knowledge and she really keeps a lot of straight here on campus."

Other schools have tried to lure Ms. Stubbs away from Floyd Middle, but she says she'll probably stay here until she retires, and doesn't plan to do that anytime soon. Stubbs says, "once I feel like it's nothing else I can accomplish to help the young people, then I know it's time for me to go seek further things to do, but right now I'm still enjoying it."

Ms. Stubbs says one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is seeing the students mature between the sixth grade and the eighth grade.