Magnet School Applications Available Now

4 year old Ashley Hayes is learning at home.  Her mom, Tammy says, "It's pretty tough to begin with...because you're worried about what your child needs to know at that age ."

She must be ready to take an entrance exam for the magnet program.

One thing most prospective magnet school students have in common right now is they are being prepped by their parents to take that test. And one tool that's coming in very hand?......flash cards.

ABC'S, counting, colors are only part of what this pre-schooler must master to pass the test.

And the pressure is on, because her 3rd grade sister is already in the magnet program at Bear.

Tammy adds, "You know you kind of want both of your children at the same school."

The Hayes were originally planning to send older sister stephanie to a private school. But they began talking to other parents, "We have other kids on this road, that go to bear and they told us about bear and i really seemed to enjoy talking to them and finding out about the magnet system and how well their test scores are."

So why shoot for the magnet program over their zoned school?

She says, "One of the reasons why we choose not to go to our zoned school, is because of the test scores. That was one of the main things was the testing."

But if Tammy's preparations pay off, she's hopefull Ashley can join her sister in the challenging program.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson.