Arson Victim Says Investigators Searched Volunteer Firefighter's Truck; Discover Link to Fire

WSFA 12 News has learned of another strong development in the Pike Road Arson case.

Investigators served a search warrant on one of the prime suspects early Tuesday morning and then told one of the arson victims they hit paydirt.

The search turned up a digital camera that appears to link Pike Road Volunteer firefighter and suspect Jason Green to the fire closest to the volunteer fire department.  WSFA 12 News spoke with one of those victims today and learned how the case is gaining strength.

If you didn't think the arsons have caused a lot of pain, listening to victim Wayne Currie would change your mind.

Currie spent his Tuesday trying to salvage what he could from 28 years on Wallahatchie Road.

"My whole life was right here," he said.  "My kids grew up here. It was my home for a long time," he said.

Currie says he and his wife have already shed a few tears while cleaning out their home, and expect more because they have avoided the chore for a long time.

The arson has hurt Currie personally on so many levels.  His home sits right across the street from the Pike Road Volunteer Fire Department, and he knows suspects Jason Green and Justin Gorman.

"I knew most of the firefighters over at the fire station and I had helped 'em over the years with different things," he said.

Investigators have charged Justin Gorman with five arsons, including the November 16th fire at Currie's home.

A realtor's photos from before the fire shows a well-kept home. Now, the interior is marked with soot, melted belongings and walls bared of sheetrock because of the flames.

They are not the only people searching for their property. Early Tuesday, investigators returned something the Curries thought had also burned to a crisp.

"They recovered a digital camera we had," Mr. Currie said.

Detectives found it in suspect Jason Green's truck.

"It still had our pictures on it," he explained.

Green is currently charged with just one fire - a barn on Wallahatchee road, but Currie says detectives told him the camera and the photos inside effectively ties Green to the Currie arson as well.  Officers also recovered two of Currie's guns from another suspect's home, which should strengthen the case even more.

The discoveries bring no comfort to Mr. Currie or his wife.

They suffered through a near tragedy with their grandson just days before the fire. So even though it appears investigators are bringing a close to this heartbreak, the Curries are doing the only thing they can think of.

"I'm gonna salvage some of the stuff off it and in it, and tear the rest of it down," Mr. Currie said.

Investigators didn't arrest any suspects Tuesday, but that's probably because they're still processing some of the evidence they found during the search.

Officers say as soon as they can tie some of that evidence they found to other arson scenes, deputies and agents will move to bring the suspects in for questioning.