"Soot" Finds A New Home

When last we saw "Soot" he was recovering after being rescued from a life of abuse.

So abused that his eye was knocked out.  But what a difference some tender loving care can make!

Jo Ann Brown and her husband, Gary are the new owners.  She says,  "I think he's going to be pretty when he loses that winter coat."

For a horse that didn't like men, he's turning into a dad's boy.... And that's o.k. With Jo Ann who nagged her husband to give this guy an extra look, "I think he's a sweetie. He's going to be a very good horse."

Instead of being abused, in the safe abundance of this land, he's being pampered. The weight gain and attitude adjustment is obvious.

Jo Ann says, "The first night he was here, we picked him up on a Saturday, he didn't know what the carrots and apples were, he wouldn't have none of them."

So what made them decide to take soot in? Our story!  "I felt so sorry for this horse when I saw him on tv. I felt like I could put him out here and give it a good home."  "And he's really doing good here."

"Soot's making the adjustment to his new home, just fine. About the only problem he's having these day is a little bit of jealously with the other horses."

Jo Ann says there are still some symptoms of his earlier mistreatment, "You can't raise your hand suddenly in front of him, if you do he's real skittish."

Brown says he still can't be approached from his blind side. And sometimes.... He can get testy with photographers who interrupt a good petting session.

In these serene surroundings we find an animal who has found love and comfort.