Legislative Watch: Some Alabama Legislators Seeking More Compensation

Some legislators' desire for a pay raise has run up against opposition from Governor Bob Riley. During the new Legislature's organizational session this week, some legislators wanted to pursue a raise and met with Riley to see if he would support it.

The Governor told them he would veto it. Each of Alabama's 140 legislators makes about 30-thousand-710 dollars in salary and expense allowances in a typical year without special sessions. The compensation has not been raised since 1990. Senate President Pro Tem Hinton Mitchem said some legislators want to raise the expense allowed by 15-hundred dollars a month, which would be 18-thousand dollars annually. House Speaker Seth Hammett said several options have been discussed. But so far, no one has offered a proposal to the House or Senate.

The Legislature plans to return Tuesday for the last day of its organizational session. If a pay raise resolution won approval that day, Riley could veto it and the Legislature would have no opportunity to override his veto. Mitchem and others predicted supporters of a raise will wait until the Legislature's regular session begins in March.

Courtesy: Alabama Associated Press