WSFA 12 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Sex Abuse Victim Of Former Officer Speaks To WSFA 12

A Montgomery police officer, an 18 year veteran who spent several years working in city schools now stands accused of seven sex related crimes.

Officers arrested 46-year-old Billy Doss on Wednesday. Investigators say he confessed to the crimes Wednesday night and then resigned his job.

WSFA 12 News got an exclusive interview with one of the three students who are accusing Doss of a crime. WSFA 12 News spoke with the girl only after getting her mother and lawyer's permission.

Rest assured, she's a normal teenaged girl. She has dreams of a career. She says, "I want to be a marine biologist." She makes good grades. "I just got my report card.  I got one c."

And she says she was friends with Officer Billy Doss when she joined his explorer troop at Capitol Heights Junior High School a couple of years ago.

The girl says, "We were really close. We talked."

WSFA 12 Reporter Chris Holmes says, "You considered him a friend."

The girl says, "Yeah, like a cop - somebody I could trust." What changed all that was a conversation she says she had Wednesday while studying in his office. The girl says, "He was like, I'm gonna lock the door some people won't come in. Then he started talking about my 16th birthday and that I was lucky he wasn't 18 again cause he would have me all to himself, and then he exposed himself to me."

She says Doss tried to get her to touch him three times. She refused, and he tried one last tactic. She says, "He turned on the tv and started watching porn and said, look. The volume was down so I didn't know what was on."

In desperation, she text messaged a friend to come get her - and then, the bell to change classes rang. But before she left the room. She says, "He told me not to tell anybody because he'd lose his job."

She knows Doss is in serious trouble, facing nine counts not just because of her accusations but with three other students, two boys and a girl. But she does not harbor a need for revenge - just protection. She says, "I don't want him to go away for the rest of his life because of his wife and kids, but I don't want to have contact with him, because he could hurt me."

This young lady's story doesn't end when she ran out of the room. She met a friend in the hall. They talked and eventually discovered Doss had allegedly misbehaved with the other girl and that is why both girls decided to go to school administrators.

That is what led Montgomery Police Chief Art Baylor to order both internal affairs and juvenile investigators to Capitol Heights Junior High School to seize whatever information and evidence they could.

Investigators jailed Doss after what police called a "slight" confession to the crimes. At last word, he was still in the county lockup on 110 thousand dollars bond.

Reporter: Chris Holmes