State Treasurer Kay Ivey's Inaugural Speech

Inaugural Address by State Treasurer Kay Ivey:

Thank you Alabama for electing me your State Treasurer for 4 more years!

We, the people, send our hard earned money to run State government. You work hard for your money, and I will keep working hard for you.  I'll remember that all funds administered by my office come from the people. The people's treasury is the people's business.

In the last 4 years, I've worked with a competent staff of professionals. We've made great strides in streamlining our operations to provide you with an efficient treasury. But I'm not finished yet. Because it is our money, there's more work to do!

Like making contributions to college saving plans tax deductible.

And, like making the operations of state finances even more transparent, and, like making the people's treasury even more responsive to the people's priorities.

In fact, the priorities of We, the People should guide all aspects of state government.

I pledge to every Alabamian regardless of party affiliation or other distinction that I will administer my duties with the greatest respect and with the utmost care, remembering always the motto on our currency, "In God We Trust."

Citizens of Alabama-Join with me and let's continue our journey to build a better Alabama.