Inauguration 2007: What's Ahead in the Next Four Years?

Now that the inauguration is over, the real work begins. The state legislature goes to work in earnest March 6th. So what's on the agenda for the next four years?

Governor Bob Riley is hoping the legislature passes what he calls his 2010 plan. It includes five categories -- improving education, expanding economic growth, reforming state government, protecting Alabama, and securing our quality of life.

It's an ambitious agenda. And some are questioning how much of it will actually be accomplished.

Just a stone's throw away from the downtown festivities Monday, the Capitol Inn was among the businesses open for the MLK holiday. And employees were talking about the governor's ideas.

Front desk clerk D.J. Peterson is interested in the governor's education plan.

"That's the career I'm thinking about going into. I'd like to be a third grade teacher," said Peterson. "If we can get more labs and more support for our schools that would be better."

But with a democratically controlled legislature, will the republican governor's proposals ever see the light of day?

Capitol Inn housekeeper Martha Thomas talks to lawmakers who stay at her hotel. She says she has her doubts.

"There may be a little arguing, a little difference of opinion," Thomas said. "Everything doesn't always go the way we want it."

The governor's plan also includes more tax cuts for middle class families, a crack down on illegal immigration, and a once-and-for-all end to the expansion of gambling in the state. He says he has talked to state lawmakers and they promised they would consider his proposals.

Voters are optimistic as well that the two parties will reach across the aisle and work together.

"Ii think they should listen to each other and work with each other," Peterson suggested. "If they do that, they could get a plan accomplished."

Reporter: Mark Bullock