Butler County Schools Need 25 Million Dollars

The cornerstone at Greenville Elementary School says 1938 but the original building dates back to 1929. Add up the years and you're talking old. Real old.

"We have buildings that leak. In some cases the foundations have sunk," said Superintendent Mike Looney.

That's why Looney says he needs $25 million dollars. About half would be earmarked for a new school in Georgiana, the rest spent on repairs such as Greenville Elementary.

One option being floated around is increasing the half-cent sales tax to one cent. The chairman of the Butler County Commission declined an interview saying it's too premature since the county is already forking out $4 million for a new county jail.  Greenville's mayor was out of town.

Looney is fully aware there may be those who are not the least bit interested in paying a higher sales tax at the grocery store.

For the county school system, the debt payment on the $25 million would $1.3 million a year for 30 years. Looney is not pushing the sales tax increase.  He doesn't care what source it comes from. That decision rests soley with the local governments in Butler County. A decision could come in the spring.