For Monday, December 24, 2001

Monday, December 24, 2001

John 1:1-4

Just for a little while, God visited us on earth. He walked in our shoes. He traveled dusty roads. He cried when his friend died. Through his son, Jesus, he experienced everything that makes us human. My favorite part of this passage is that, knowing humans as he did, and evil as the world is, he sent his son into the cold darkness of this world to be a light for us. And I can't think of a time in recent history that we have needed his light more.

While Jesus walked this earth to teach us about God's love and grace, he also wanted us to understand God's truth. Former president Jimmy Carter states in his book, Sources of Strength, "Grace is gentle, grace is nice, but truth can be difficult to face. What is the truth about my life, or yours - judged not by human standards but by the standards of Jesus Christ? Have I lived in a way that is truly compatible with the teachings of the humble, human, yet all-loving and all-knowing God I have pledged to follow?" Knowing our struggles, our failures and our faltering, his guidance, his illumination, and his vision are always available to us. All we have to do is recognize and accept them. We are not only to follow Christ's example, but also to be a reflection of his light to others.

People should have a pretty good idea of what God is like by how we treat them. On this eve of Christ's birth, don't waste another minute. Hug your children, thank your spouse, greet your neighbor, reunite with a loved one, forgive your enemy, so that others may see God's love and glory shining through you and praise him.

Prayer: Lord, please continue to remind us of our responsibility to be a reflection of your love and glory. Amen.

Susie Mattox