Streets of Speed hits Woodley Park neighborhood

Kids should be able to play in their front yard.   But in one neighborhood, one mom says, no way!    Angier Johnson lives off Moorcroft Dr. in the Woodley Park Community in Montgomery.   She's lived there for the last 18 years.   "I like it because it's quiet," Johnson said.   But there are some things she doesn't like here.    "The traffic.  There is so much disregard for the speed limit and its not the people who live here it's usually the people passing through."

So when it comes to play time, her little boy has to go play in the back yard.   "The traffic is just too heavy, I don't let my son play in front of the house."   We pulled out Zapper 12 and clocked some cars going down Moorcroft.  We set up around 7:30 a.m. on a weekday morning for about an hour.   Most cars were going close to the speed limit, but about 10% were clocked in the mid 30's.   We clocked the fastest car at 37.  The speed limit is 25.

So what's next.  Mrs. Johnson wants some speed bumps.   She'll have to contact the city traffic engineer and request a speed study.  If the her street has enough cars going over the speed limit, speed bumps could be an option.  But keep it slow because we contacted the Montgomery Police Department and asked them to keep a close eye on the neighborhood.    So they'll be out there with their "zapper" too.