Victory For Law Enforcement In Wiregrass

Police in the Wiregrass say 37-year old Mark Gabriel Perry is responsible for a string of robberies including the Newton Post office and sexual assaults.

"He took between $250 to $300 from the Titlemax business and fled on foot," said Ozark Deputy Chief Myron Willliams.

Perry faces even more charges.

"There are other locations under investigation and he was charged with robbery and attempted rape," said Williams.

For investigators the break came from a Crimestoppers tip and a skilled investigator who was able to enhance the security video at Titlemax.

"We were able to enhance that video and broadcast images to the public," Williams said.

Troy Police Sgt. Benny Scarbrough says they've also signed warrants against Perry for allegedly robbing the Approved Cash business in Troy.

For Mark Perry the end came Thursday night when a Bullock County deputy arrested him at his home. Perry did not put up a fight.

Just on the federal charges alone, Mark Perry could get 25 years in prison if he's convicted. Tonight he remains in the Dale County jail without bond.