Fire Blazes, Residents Fume Blasting Some City Services

Rosie moore sighs heavily, sitting on a chair on the front porch of a house across the street from her home,  "I opened the door and I came on outside out in the yard and I said, 'ya'll help me! call the fire department, call the fire department."

While rosie Moore was concerned about getting her family out, her neighbors were concerned about some city services.... Dianne Alonso says she's frustrated, "My daughter had informed me that she had already called at 5:30 and she was told that 9 calls had already been in and the fire department was not here yet."

But the fire department has some different numbers, according to District Chief Bill Petrey, "We had units dispatched at 5:38 this morning at 27 north lewis street. First unites arrived 5 minutes later to find the house well involved."

Alonso adds, "The water had started to be put onto the house at 6 o'clock in the morning, so the house had already started been burning for a half an hour." She says neighbors are also upset because a water hydrant near the house was out of service.

Petry says, "It would have been nice to have been able to use that hydrant, however we were able to obtain what water supply any way."

Although water works had notified the fire department that the hydrant was out of's still an issue with neighbors like Alonso, "And a neighbor had called last week to inform them that the fire hydrant was broken and it was never fixed."

Water mains in older sections of town have a smaller line and it's tough to get a lot of water from them at once to fight a fire like this one.

This hydrant was on the repair list for Water Works.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson