Editorial: Red Light Cameras

14 people were killed in the past six years by people running red lights in Montgomery.

The Montgomery Police Department also reports more than 36-hundred accidents during that time caused by red light runners.

Will cameras stop people from running red lights and cut down on accidents?

Evidence supports that notion in cities in Florida, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Tennessee and Texas.

In Georgia, some cities saw increases in rear-end collisions but decreases in side-impact crashes.

Should we try it here?

Place the cameras at the highest volume traffic places and see if it helps slow the number of accidents.

Consider adjusting the delays on some of the red lights.

Determine the best use of the added revenue like reinvesting the money to help keep our roads safe.

Camera lenses capturing our license plates and catching us violating the law isn't something any of us would particularly like.

But if it helps save our life? Seems like that should trump all other concerns.