New Ethanol Plant Economic Boom for Dadeville

Construction on the the new ethanol plant will begin here soon. The plant means up to 50 new jobs, a cleaner environment and help for some folks trying to hold on to the family farm.

Don McClellan is with the Lake Martin Economic Development Alliance, "It will be an important factor, I think, especially for the agricultural industry and in the near future I think it will be for the forestry industry also. I think technology is going to reach the point where we produce these fuels by wood pulp."

This is the second alternative fuel plant for this region. And it's good economic news for the whole state according to State Representative Betty Carol Graham who serves this area, "Certainly plants like this will make us less dependent on traditional fuels. I think Alabama is well positioned to be one of the major states to go to alternative fuel sources."

We've heard so much about energy conservation these days. This new plant will be right up that alley by taking care of this green and bringing in this green."

The ethanol produced here will replace lead and mtbe in gasoline...meaning are fewer emissions.  And a byproduce of the process ? Livestock feed.

Glenn Thomas is chairman of the Lake Martin Economic Development Alliance, "With the federal government behind pushing that and also a tax break for municipalities for using ethanol, the use of that...demand will increase, and we would certainly hope that this plan would benefit from that."

In an area that was once dependent on textile mills - this is one seed, locals hope will make for a bountiful harvest.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson